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Car Rental Missouri

About Missouri

Known also by its nickname The Show Me State, Missouri is a Midwestern state with the capital being Jefferson City. Despite the capital being Jefferson City, Missouri’s largest city is Kansas City within Missouri there is a wide range of things to visit such as the Ozark Mountains, Missouri River and of course the world famous Mississippi River. The population of Missouri is near 6 million people which has recently seen a large increase.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire

The biggest reason you should book with us is because we enjoy a much cheaper rate than if you went to the suppliers directly. This is down to us passing the suppliers a large amount of business so they gave us a discounted rate, we can also lock in the price at the time you book which you don’t have to pay until arrival and we will also alert you if the price goes lower than the time that you booked it so you can get a cheaper rate.

Through our several years in the car rental industry we have always looked at ways of improving the availability of car hire for everyone. We have approached several suppliers and tried to arrange deals, not all had come off but some had and some of our best offers include…

Debit Card Car Rental

Hiring a car if you don’t have a credit card is almost impossible, we went to a supplier in order to try stop this and managed to get possible one of our best deals yet, we offer car rental with a debit card in specific locations.

Young Driver Car Rental

Are you under 25 and struggling to find a car rental company that will hire to you? We have managed to come up with a great deal that will allow 21 year olds to hire given that they have had their licence to a year prior to hiring with us. If you are a young driver and want to hire a car then please contact us via call or email.

Free Additional Driver

If you are driving for a long period of time and have a spouse that’s eligible to drive in the car you may as well take us up on this offer, its free! Add an additional driver completely free of cost just call or email us and we will be able to arrange this deal for you straight away.

One Way Car Rental

Pick up your car in Missouri and drop it off at another location across America at a reasonable price, if you want more information about one way car rental we will have to check that the place you want to drop the car off is one in which we have a branch. So for a complete answer on one way car rental please call or email us directly.

No Deposit Car Rental

Deposits can leave a hole in your pocket, there often extremely large and affect your holiday plans as you don’t have the funds to spend. Not with Indigo we can offer a no deposit car hire however with the hire there is a small deposit needed on the tank of fuel in the vehicle. If you want more information on no deposit car hire then can you please call us directly or email us.

Missouri Car Rental Airport Locations

Kansas City Airport
Lambert-St. Louis Airport
Columbia Airport
Branson Airport
Springfield Branson Airport

Missouri Car Rental Downtown Locations

Kansas CityO'Fallon
St. LouisFlorissant
ColumbiaJefferson City
Lee's SummitCape Girardeau
St. JosephUniversity City
St. CharlesOakville
St. PetersWildwood
Blue SpringsLiberty