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Car Rental Massachusetts

About Massachusetts

A state within the region of New England in the north east side on the United States, bordered by Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire and Vermont. The state is the 7th smallest in the USA but is the third most densely populated state, it features two metropolitan areas such as Greater Boston and Springfield, with the larger of the two being Greater Boston which contains the capital Boston. Massachusetts is a leader in high education, health care, high technology and financial services.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire?

Indigo have offers that suppliers simply don’t, we get discounted rates down to how much business we supply them with meaning our customers can enjoy a cheaper price than if they went directly to the supplier. We also offer sometimes a pay on arrival service where you don’t have to fork out a cent until you get there, this in mind we can freeze the price and alert you of any time it gets lower than the price you froze.

Through our years of experience we have gathered many offers together in order to help our customers get their rental car. Silly restrictions that are in place can often ruin peoples holidays and we hated that so we looked for ways to avoid all these restrictions and this is what we came up with eventually….

Debit Card Car Rental Massachusetts

We offer debit card car rental at certain locations within Massachusetts, this is a great offer for people that are without a credit card as they are usually the only form of payment car rental companies take.

No Deposit Car Rental Massachusetts

Can’t pay out for the hefty deposit that’s usually on car rentals? We can help! We offer no deposit on the car however you have to put a deposit down for the tank of fuel which is extremely low compared to the rental deposit price. If you want more information about no deposit car hire then call us directly or email us for more details and we will get right back to you.

Young Driver Car Rental Massachusetts

Under 25 and struggling to find a company that will hire to you? Right here, Indigo offer car hire to drivers as long as they are over the age of 21 and have held there licence for a year prior to hiring with us. If you want more information about young driver car hire and all the restrictions and charges that come with it then please contact us via call or email.

Free Additional Driver Car Rental

On your rental car we offer an additional driver completely free of charge as long as they are a spouse, if you are going on a long journey and may want to rotate who drives this could be a great deal for you. To find out more about this deal then please call us directly or email us and we will get right back to you.

One Way Car Rental Massachusetts

Another service we offer is that you can pick up your car in Massachusetts and drive it to another location in the US which you can drop it off at. Please contact us via calling or email so we are able to find out if the location you want to drop the car off is a location that we have a branch.

Massachusetts Car Rental Airport Locations

Boston Logan Airport
Barnstable Airport
Nantucket Memorial Airport
New Bedford Regional Airport
Provincetown Municipal Airport
Martha's Vineyard Airport
Worcester Regional Airport

Massachusetts Car Rental Downtown Locations

New BedfordRevere
QuincyBarnstable Town
Fall RiverMethuen