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Car Rental Los Angeles

About Los Angeles

Often just referred to by its initials L.A it is the most populated city in California and second most populated in the United States just behind New York City. There are tons of things to do in Los Angeles including things such as visiting the Hollywood sign which means of course that Los Angeles is home to Hollywood where you can see all the major current stars as LA is one of the largest cities for artists, writes, filmmakers, actors, dancers and museums in history or if that isn’t enough maybe visiting one of the 841 museums that are within the state.

Our Offers

Indigo Car Hire can offer you a great price and beat the price that the supplier quote, this is down to the fact that we pass them so much business that we then get a discounted price for our customers. Since we are a broker we can also freeze the price when you book and alert you any time before you come to pick up the car if the price dips any lower which will save you even more money than if you went directly to the supplier.

We have always aimed on working out deals and offers for our customers that make car rental more available to a wider audience of people. Some of our best deals to date include…

Debit Card Car Rental in Los Angeles

You have probably found out by now that if you want to hire a car in LA without a credit card it can prove extremely difficult, that’s where Indigo can help! We have managed to arrange a deal with a supplier so that they will now take debit cards when you book with us, your debit card does however have to meet certain restrictions.

Los Angeles, Young Driver Car Rental

Under the age of 25? It can be hard to find a company that will hire to you, make it easy on yourself and book with Indigo. For our young drivers we have managed to arrange that 21-25 years olds will now be able to hire given that they have held their licence for a year prior to hiring with us. We have managed in several cases to also reduce the cost of young driver additional fees.

One Way Car Rental From Los Angeles

Pick up your car in LA and want to drop it off at another location within the USA? That’s not a problem when you book with Indigo Car Hire! We offer this service but you must call us to find out if we have a branch at your desired drop off location. Along with this we will also try and find the best price possible if you are interested in a one way car hire please call us or email us for more details.

Free Additional Drivers In Los Angeles

Driving for a long period of time? You want to take a break, if someone who is in the car with you is eligible to hire the car then add them to the rental completely free of charge with Indigo car hire, you have to let us know before you book and we will be able to arrange this. If you want more information on additional drivers then please call or email us directly.

No Deposit Car Rental in Los Angeles

Can’t afford to have a massive sum of money frozen on your card when you hire a car? You’re not the only one, Indigo is here to help those who need to that money for their holidays so we have managed to arrange a deal that means you no longer have to pay a deposit on the car. You do however have to pay a low deposit on the full tank of fuel you are given at the start of the rental. If you want more information on our no deposit offer then please call or email us directly.

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