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Slovakia, or the Slovak Republic is a country landlocked in the centre of Europe, bordered by the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Slovakia is part of the EU and has a fast growing strong economy, the capital of the country is Bratislava which is also the largest city and also home to the largest airport Bratislava Airport, the second largest city being Kosice. People often visit Slovakia for its great diversity and natural scenery such as the various lakes, rivers and caves that the area has to offer its tourists on top of which it also boasts various ski resorts and castles.

Here at Indigo we can offer great deals and even better prices, we compare all the best rates going at your desired date and then find you the best one that is suited to your needs saving you extra money on your rental. On top of this we can alert you if the price drops any lower than the original price in which we can then amend the booking and save you even more money than originally, book with Indigo and get a fantastic rate in Slovakia!

We have managed to arrange several offers in Slovakia over the years and we have always aimed at increasing the availability of car hire to a wider audience of people. Some of the best offers we have managed to arrange so far include…

Slovakia Car Hire With A Debit Card

Hiring a car without a credit card can be a truly tricky task no matter where in the world you are. In order to counter this we have managed to arrange several deals which mean that we can now accept your debit card given that it meets our restrictions that are in place.

Slovakia Car Hire With A Free 2nd Driver

If you travelling for long periods of time and want to take a break but still continue on then don’t worry as we can help you. If someone in the car with you is able to meet the hire requirements why don’t you add them to the rental? It’s free when you book with Indigo! If you want more information on Slovakia Car Hire With A Free 2nd Driver please contact us directly via call or email.

Slovakia Car Hire For Younger Drivers

We have managed to arrange great young driver car hire deals for our customers that are under 25. The deal we have arranged means that you can hire a car from the age of 19-24 with only 1 year driving experience and the small surcharge of only 5 EURs per day! That’s fantastic compared to other countries.

Slovakia Car Hire With Unlimited Mileage

Want to get those few extra miles, when booking a car you are often restricted as to how many miles you can travel over the rental period however we have now managed to arrange a deal with a supplier which allows us to get a free unlimited mileage. That means that when your hiring a car there is no mileage cap so you don’t have to worry about being stung by a large bill when you give the car back after the rental.

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Excellent customer service

The best car hire company with excellent customer service. Staff is professional and polite and has made car hiring easy and fast. Keep up the good work 👍🏼