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Cheap New Zealand Car Rental

Are you looking to hire a car in New Zealand? As well as being able to get you the best price possible we have some fantastic deals you can utilise such as being able to hire with a debit card, or hiring as a young driver under the age of 25 and even getting a free additional driver. Let us know your requirements and we will find the best deal that suit your needs at the cheapest price possible.

New Zealand Car Rental Services

New Zealand Car Rental

New Zealand is located around 900 miles east of Australia and it was one of the last lands to be settled on by humans. The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland however the capital is Wellington, the country with these locations aiding it has a large amount of yearly tourism with other popular cities being Christchurch, Hamilton and Napier along with of course the capital and largest city. The country has two main island masses but there are no issues with any border travel or ferry travel so that’s not something to be concerned about.

Being that there is two parts to New Zealand you need to take a ferry from one side to the other, with your car rental we can offer you ferry discounts all you need to do is ask. If you are interested in ferry discounts please call or email us directly for more information.

Along with our great deals which I will talk about later, we have even better prices. We can get such great prices because the way in which we work, we operate by finding the lowest price from all the supplying companies and then applying our offers and discounts. Another service we can provide is the ability to freeze the price when you book, this means that between the time you book and pick up the car we can alert you if the price drops any lower than before saving you even more money than originally.

Car Rental Tips For New Zealand

When hiring in New Zealand there may be a few things you aren’t aware of if you have never travelled there before, so here are a few need to know tips for driving in New Zealand:

  1. You have to drive on the left
  2. If you have a driving licence that isn’t English you’ll need to get it translated
  3. Booking a rental well in advance could save you a lot of money
  4. Watch out for wildlife on the road!
  5. It’s illegal to use your mobile phone when driving
  6. There are a few toll roads to be aware of
  7. Petrol / Gas stations can be few and far between, stay fuelled up!

Car Hire Companies In New Zealand

We work with several different car rental companies all across New Zealand in order to get you the lowest price & the best deals, here is a list of some of the rental companies you can choose from:

  • Abell
  • Ace
  • Alamo
  • Budget
  • Enterprise
  • Europcar
  • Firefly
  • Go Rentals
  • Green Motion
  • Hertz
  • Mode Rentals
  • Scotties

Car Types & Examples To Choose From

As you can see above we work with several rental companies across the country, so if you are looking to hire a specific type of car then chances are we have something available for you! Here are just a few of the car types & example cars in each category:

  • Small: Nissan Tiida
  • Medium Diahatsu Sirion
  • SUV: Toyota Rav4
  • Large: Toyota Camry
  • 7 Seater: Toyota Previa
  • 9 Seater: Toyota Hiace
  • Estate: Subaru Legacy Estate
  • Premium: BMW 3 Series

New Zealand Car Hire Deals & Offers

Like previously mentioned we have some fantastic offers available in New Zealand, when you come to Indigo Car Hire here are just a few of the things we may be able to arrange for you:

  • Debit Card Car Hire
  • Young Drivers – Under 25s
  • Senior Driver Car Hire
  • Free GPS & Other Additional Extras
  • Free Additional Drivers
  • Zero Excess Policies
  • Low Deposit Options
  • Unlimited Mileage

You can find out more about some of these offers by reading the sections below, but if you want to find out in even more detail then give us a call and we’ll go through everything we can offer you and the best deal that we can get.

New Zealand Car Rental For Young Drivers

If you are under 25 you will struggle to hire a car unfortunately. Not with Indigo however, we have managed to arrange a deal which allows young drivers from the age of 18, yes 18! To hire a car given that they have held their licence for a year, this costs only 8NZD a day equivalent to £4. Please follow this link for more information regarding New Zealand Car Rental For Young Drivers.

New Zealand Car Rental Without A Credit Card

Hiring a car without a credit card can be a real struggle, so we looked at helping you guys. The deal we came up with was the ability to hire a car with a debit card given that it meets our restrictions that are in place. If you want more information on New Zealand Car Rental Without A Credit Card and the restrictions and details then please contact us directly via call or email.

New Zealand Car Hire For Senior Drivers

Most suppliers in New Zealand have an upper age limit of 75 when it comes to hiring a car. Not with Indigo, we can provide vehicles all over New Zealand with no upper age limit at all, providing the driver has a full valid licence and a form of payment. Please follow this link for more information on New Zealand Car Hire For Senior Drivers.

Free GPS when Hiring a car in New Zealand

We have the offer in New Zealand depending on your location to offer you a free GPS, if this is available we will always give you this offer unless of course you don’t want it. A GPS can be extremely helpful to get round a country you don’t know that well.

Free Additional Driver In New Zealand

If you are driving for long periods of time you may want to add an additional driver to the rental and given that they meet the restrictions this is possible all you have to do is let us know. The additional driver costs 1NZD a day, which is equivalent to just 50p per day! If you want more information on this please call or email us.

New Zealand Car Hire With Unlimited Mileage

We have now managed to arrange a deal with our suppliers which allows us to offer New Zealand Car Hire With Unlimited Mileage. That means that when your hiring a car there is no mileage cap so you don’t have to worry about being surprised by a large bill when you give the car back at the end of the hire.

New Zealand Car Rental Locations

Christchurch Airport

Dunedin Airport

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve pulled together a few of our most common questions that we get around hiring a car in New Zealand and answered them below, but if you don’t find the answer to your question then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Is there an upper age limit for hiring in New Zealand?
With some rental companies there are an upper age limit, which is mostly cut off at 65+, we can find you a supplier that will allow you to hire with no upper age limit.

Should I get a GPS as additional extra of bring my own?
Sometimes we can find a deal that means you can get a free GPS, however if this is unavailable then it may be worth bringing your own due to the extra daily cost.

Can I get a bike rack with my car hire?
Yes! Some rental companies offer this as an optional extra, get in touch with us to find out more.

Can I hire with a UK licence?
Yes you can, hiring in New Zealand is simple as long as your licence is in English. If it is in another language you will need to get it officially translated.

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