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Car Hire Ben Gurion Airport

About Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport, also referred to by its Hebrew name Natbag and it’s the main international airport in Israel with 13.1 million passengers per year. It’s one of two airports serving the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area with the other being Sde Dov Airport. The top international flights to and from the airport include Charles de Gaulle Airport, JFK Airport, Heathrow Airport, Fiumicino Airport and Newark Airport which all make up a large percentage of the total traffic at the airport as there isn’t as many domestic destinations as most countries.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire?

Indigo Car Hire are always here to find you the best deals and offers possible whilst supplying the best customer service possible. We compare all the best prices available at the time, find you the best one and then further apply our discounts with it, we work with all the major suppliers and pass them a large amount of business meaning we get perks such as offers and discounts that the customers can’t if they went directly.

As we have been working on several offers for our customers we thought it best to share some of our best yet, this includes….

Young Driver Car Hire

Are you under the age of 25? Then it’s going to be a real struggle to hire a car as most rental companies only allow you to hire a car if you are over 25. Our deal for this however means that if you are 21 and over with having held your licence for a year prior to hiring then you can get one of our rental cars, we also have managed to arrange a deal that means for 23 and 24 year olds there is no additional young driver surcharge. If you want more information on young driver car hire then please contact us directly via call or email.

Debit Card Car Hire

Hiring a car without a credit card? This at times can seem almost impossible with most rental companies only accepting the use of a credit card. Unfortunately many people don’t like using credit cards or just don’t have them, therefore we arranged a deal which means you can now hire a car using a debit card given that it meets our restrictions that are in place.

Free Additional Driver

If you are driving for long periods of time it’s ideal to have a break as it can become dangerous, therefore if someone in the car with you is also eligible to hire why not add them as an additional driver? When you use Indigo, this offer is completely free of charge.

Low Deposit Car Hire

One of our suppliers at Ben Gurion Airport supply their cars with a low deposit, unfortunately it’s not no deposit however it’s considerably cheaper at £250. If you are interested in getting a low deposit then please can you call us directly as this is a specialised offer.

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by Gill Lloyd on Indigo Car Hire
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During a very stressful time, the people at indigo car hire, Jacob, Maryia and others made it so easy for me to book a hire car in my area. They were particularly helpful and patient considering that I had to keep changing dates and times because of what was going on in my life. They were polite, kind and so lovely, confirming everything promptly by email. Thank you all.