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Car Hire Rosslare

About Rosslare

Rosslare is a seaside resort in County Wexford in south east Ireland just 90 miles out of Dublin, the area has been a tourist resort for over 100 years. It’s often referred to as Sunny South East as it prides itself on being the sunniest spot in the whole of Ireland, which isn’t hard but I suppose 300 more hours more yearly sunshine than the rest of Ireland is a lot, tourists are attracted to the area because of its good swimming, golfing and family fun facilities. It’s also easy to get to and from France and Wales because of regular ferries.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire

Indigo car hire can get you a better price than anyone else! We receive discounted rates from our suppliers because of how much business we pass them, and of course these discounts can be used for you. Another one of our services is that we can offer a freeze when you call deal which means the price when you call us is frozen at the rate when you book it, between then and the time that you pick up the rental we will alert you if the price drops any lower than the original in which we can then amend it and save you even more money.

Over the years we have managed to get many offers for our customers and they have all been based around making car hire more available to a wider audience of people. Some of these offers include….

No Deposit Car Hire

When you come to hire a car you may be put off by the large deposit amount that is held on your card, the deposit can often effect your holiday. We wanted to do something about this and managed to arrange an offer which allows you to hire a car with no deposit however you do have to pay a very small deposit on the full tank of fuel you are given at the start of the rental. If you want more information then please call or email us directly.

Young Driver Car Hire

Under 25? You are going to struggle to find a company that will hire a car to you purely down to your age. We didn’t like this and managed to arrange a deal on your behalf which will allow drivers from the age of 21 to hire given that they have held their licence for a year prior to hiring with us. If you want more information on young driver car hire then please contact us directly via call or email.

Debit Card Car Hire

If you are wanting to hire a car but don’t have a credit card then you are going to find it extremely tough. Most rental companies all over the world only accept the use of a credit card as this is the standard payment type. When you book with Indigo however we have managed to arrange a deal which allows people with a debit card as long as it meet our restrictions to hire a car.

Free Additional Driver

Are you driving for a long period of time and want to take a break? With Indigos offer of a free second driver, why don’t you? It’s free! If someone you are driving with is eligible to hire then give us a call before your rental and we will do our best to arrange this.

One Way Car Hire

Pick up your car at Rosslare and drop it off at another location within the Ireland without an issue. Just let us know before your rental where you desire to drop the car off at so we can check if there is a location there that allows one way car rentals. If you want more information or to book this then please call us directly or email us for details.

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by Arron on Indigo Car Hire
Portugal cat hire

Spoke to Matt at indigo cars, got me a cracking deal saved me £30 in the process, I'm only using a debit card as I don't have or want a credit card and it was a very simple process, would highly recommend and wouldn't hesitate to use again!