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Ireland Car Hire FAQs

Top 5 FAQs

Can I hire a car in Ireland without a credit card?
Yes this is possible when you book through us as we now allow debit card car hire in several locations in Ireland.

Can I hire a car in Ireland with a drink driving conviction on my licence?
This depends, it needs to be 5 years either from your conviction date or if you got banned from when you got your licence back. There are also other rules around this so please call us.

Are there car hire fees for crossing the border in Northern Ireland?
As long as you tell us you are going to do this we can organise this for you absolutely free of charge.

Can I hire a car in Ireland if I am under 25?

Yes we have car hire in Ireland available for people at the age of 21 given that you have had your licence for a year.

Can I hire a car with 9 points in Ireland?
Unfortunately the maximum amount of points you can have in Ireland is 6 points to be able to hire.

Frequently Asked Questions – Ireland

Car hire for new comers can be a very tricky subject to navigate your way around, making a booking by yourself is quite risky as there is a lot of T&Cs. We always aim to make things as clear as possible for our customers and are happy to answer any questions, which is why we have compiled some of our most popular questions. We’ve put them into three groups….

Before Booking – The questions in general that you would ask before you are booking such as anything about payment methods, age restrictions and deposits.

Have A Booking? – If you have booked a car you may still have some questions such as if you can still add additional extras on or the fact you may not have received your confirmation letter.

During Your Rental – This would be more to do with either extending your booking in order to add on extra days or in the unfortunate event of a breakdown you may want some advice.

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Before Booking
Can I hire a car in Ireland if I am over 70?
Yes this isn’t an issue our maximum age limit is 99.

Can a car hire company check my licence for old convictions?
Yes, your licence does get checked via your counter part. Different offences carry different length bans etc, make sure you call us and make us aware of your situation for more details.

Can I hire a car in Ireland with speeding convictions from UK?
Yes this isn’t an issue as long as you don’t have a total of over 6-9 points.

Can I hire a car in Ireland if I am under 25?
Yes, we allow drivers to hire a car in this country from the age of 21 given that you have held your licence for a year.

Can I hire a car in Ireland under the age of 21?
Unfortunately 21 is our minimum age.

I want to hire a car in Ireland but I have three points?
This again isn’t an issue unless you have more than 6.

Can I hire a car with a DR10 in Ireland?
You can but it needs to be 5 years since you had the conviction/or since you got your licence back.

Can I rent a car in Ireland with an in10?
This is the exact same answer as the DR10 question above.

Have A Booking
I’ve Already Booked My Car Hire In Ireland, Can I Add Additional Extras?
When you get to the desk to collect your car you will be able to add additional extras to your rental for an extra fee.

Booked A Car But Haven’t Got My Confirmation, Due To Collect Soon, What Do I Do?
Don’t panic its likely in your junk/spam folder as our emails often get sent their particularly with Googlemail, however it is not just pick up the phone and call us and we will send you another one.

My Plans Have Changed, I Need To Amend My Dates, How Do I Do This?
Given that its 48 hours before the time you are due to collect the car we can do this free of charge, you must give us a call directly in order to do this or drop us an email.

During Your Rental
What Do I Do In The Event Of A Breakdown?
Call the number that you were provided with, when you first hire the car you will be given a number either within the car or in the car hire booklet in which you can call them and they will send breakdown assistance.

How Can I Extend My Rental?
Just give us a call directly and we will get you the best price and arrange this for you without any hassle, please however let us know as soon as you know how long you need to extend it for!

Ask A Question

Do you have a question that you can’t find the answer to above? Send us your question using the enquiry form to the right and we will be happy to answer it for you. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

You can either fill out the enquiry form or contact us on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at and our experienced reservation agents will be happy to help.

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by Amy Greenwood on Indigo Car Hire
Life saver!!

We were travelling to Ireland the following day and realised when printing off docs that we needed a credit card in order for the car that we had hired through Europa to be released.... Neither me or my partner had a credit card and were basically told that there was no way any car hire company would release a car for us without a credit card, this could have potentially ruined out holiday.
Indigo car hire -unfortunately i cant remember the agents name but he was very helpful- arranged car hire for us with one of their suppliers without the need for a credit card, this was slightly more expensive but included full excess waiver so had we been involved in an accident we were completely covered. Absolutely fantastic service from indigo and their supplier in ireland, will never book through anyone else again! Thabk you