Fuel Efficient Car Hire

Fuel Efficient Car Hire

Indigo Car Hire are a broker company that offer cars all over the world, due to us working with so many suppliers we have a massive fleet of vehicles to go with that which you can see here. In current times people have made a real effort in order to go green and help the planet, this is just one of the reasons people go for more fuel efficient cars others include things like the high cost of fuel, the amount of passengers, the amount of luggage and where you are planning to travel through.

Is Fuel Efficient Car Rental For You?
Its predominately down to a few factors when you decide if you should have a fuel efficient car sure they are great but most of our fuel efficient fleet cars are small. The cars are usually 3 door hatchbacks with 4-5 seats and with room for maybe 2 pieces of luggage, however they are amazingly cost effective for travelling around city centres and they are usually the cheapest price for the rental period. There are some however that are larger and suitable if you have more people and more luggage so give us a call and we will see if we can arrange a fuel efficient car.

Example Models

vw polo blue motionVW Polo Bluemotion
The new super economy version of the VW Polo, a beautiful elegant car powered by a three cylinder 1.2 litre turbodiesel is surprisingly fuel efficient and you can surprisingly get around 78.5mpg on the open road with CO2 emissions also being low.

Toyota aurisToyota Auris Hybrid
A slightly bigger car than the polo it does 74.3MPG which is slightly lower than the polo, the Auris is very clean and clever with a very low CO2 emission much like the bluemotion. The car is truly great and mostly cost effective.

lexus ct200hLexus CT200h
The hybrid petrol electric car is slightly smaller than the Auris with slightly more CO2 emissions but don’t take it away from the car, it’s truly fantastic. The car does around 68.9mpg which is respectable and cost effective.

Call Us For Advice

If you are undecided up whether you want to go for a fuel efficient car or not we will always try give you the best advice given your situation, sometimes the smaller fuel efficient cars are better however sometimes they are not. So if you want to book a car or just want general advice then please call us on +44 (0)113 880 0748.

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