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Vehicle Leasing

What Is Vehicle Leasing

Leasing is basically a long term rental which is based on a set period of time generally 3-6 Months Plus.

What is included in the lease?

Inclusive in the lease are the following things:
– Delivery And Collection
– Breakdown Cover
– Mileage
– Brand New Vehicle Straight From Factory
– No Credit Check
– No Early Termination Fees

Can I lease a vehicle with no credit check?

Yes, this is an option as we work with various suppliers who can provide lease vehicles with no credit check.

What are the options when it comes to insurance?

When you get a quote for a lease vehicle you have two options when it comes to insurance. You can have a long term hire on our insurance or you can take the vehicle on a long term lease and source your own insurance. However the insurance must cover the use of a hire vehicle as many usual insurance policies prevent this.

Which Insurance companies are suitable?

We know three insurance companies which are acceptable when it comes to getting lease insurance. Drayton Insurance, the Insurance Centre and Just Insure. Speak to us directly if you have queries about insurance for your lease vehicle.

How is leasing different to car hire?

Car Hire is basically when you take a vehicle for any length of time up to 28 days. Leasing is when you take a vehicle for 28 days or more.

Can I take my lease vehicle overseas?

Yes. As you are taking the vehicle on your own insurance then you would cover for this when you source your insurance at the point of booking if you knew you were taking the vehicle abroad.

Can I get my lease vehicle delivered?

Yes, on leases more than 3 months in length we can certainly get the vehicle delivered for you.

Are there age restrictions to lease a vehicle?

As long as you have a full licence you can lease a vehicle from the age of 17. However this is at the manager’s discretion as things like driving experience, points and convictions are taken into consideration.

I have an overseas licence can I lease a car?

Yes, as long as you are taking the vehicle on your own insurance we can still provide this service to you even if you do not hold a UK licence.