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Car Hire Confirmation

Car Hire Confirmation
What is car hire confirmation?
When you book a car through any car rental company you should get a confirmation email. This is basically to double check the details of the rental are right, when you book a car your details get entered onto a system which depending on the company either sends you the confirmation automatically or manually.
Due to some companies sending the confirmation manually it’s advised to wait a few hours before checking if you have received the email. If it has been after a few hours you should contact the company you were expecting the confirmation off as it’s essential to double check your rental is right as anyone can make a mistake.

What details should be on my confirmation?
The details on your confirmation should include the date of your rental, time location, vehicle time the price and what’s included and what’s not included in terms of extras and excess’s also included is the type of vehicle that you are hiring and the car rental terms for the company that you are hiring with.

When should I receive the confirmation?
You should receive your confirmation almost immediately; the time taken to receive your confirmation can however vary due to some rental companies emailing manually and some emailing automatically. It shouldn’t however take more than a few hours to come through and depend on the date of your rental as obviously if you are renting on the same day it is urgent and should get to you immediately.

I booked by the phone and said I only had a debit card but my confirmation says that they only accept credit cards?
This is a common problem but just ignore it, if you have called us by phone and the confirmation says that they only accept credit cards it isn’t an issue. We have an organised deal with a supplier to bring debit card car hire however they don’t readily offer it and their systems are automatic so it just sends out a general computerized confirmation where the terms are always the same. Please don’t be alarmed if our reservation agents told you that they accept debit cards don’t worry as they do no matter the confirmation.

What do I do if I haven’t got my confirmation?
If you have been waiting a while and haven’t got your confirmation it can sometimes be because the email sent has gone to your junk folder, this often happens with Gmail accounts. You can see our guide below on how to find your junk/spam folder in Gmail.
Car Hire Confirmation
If you still can’t find your confirmation then call our reservation agents on +44 (0)113 880 0748