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Speed Limit Conviction

Speed Limit Conviction

Speed limit convictions are coded as SP10-60, the more serious offences receive the higher code which go up in units of 10. As an example SP10-30 are just marginally exceeding the speed limits however as they go up the scale it becomes more serious.

SP10 – Exceeding goods vehicle speed limits
SP20 – Exceeding speed limit for type of vehicle which is excluding good or passenger vehicles
SP30 – Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road in a standard passenger vehicle
SP40 – Exceeding passenger vehicle speed limit
SP50 – Exceeding speed limit on a motorway
SP60 – Undefined speed limit offence

All of these offences can means a 3-6 point deduction on your licence.

The one we get enquiries about most regularly are SP30s and the answer in regards to speed limit offences are pretty simple.

Hiring A Car With An SP Offence
SP offences in the car hire industry aren’t seen as one of the major convictions so as long as your licence has not been revoked they simply count as points. In regards to how many points we can accept normally we can only allow up to 6 points, however we do have certain locations that will allow up to 9 but this again depends on where you want to hire.

This is different however if you have had your licence taken from you for collecting several offences or having a serious speeding convictions, for this you will have to call us but it usually means that you have to wait 5 years from when you get your licence given back to you.

So if you want to enquire about the limit in your location then please call us directly on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at and we will be happy to help answer any of your enquiries and supply you with car hire if it is possible.

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