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How Old To Hire A Car

How Old To Hire A Car?

The question, how old to hire a car. This isn’t easily answered, the rules and regulations are different for each country that you hire in as well as the amount of experience you need and the amount you have to pay for a young driver surcharge. The rules are very different depending on the country you are wishing to hire from, we have broken down a few countries below to try help you better understand straight away if you can hire or not.

How Old To Hire A Car In The UK?
The age you need to be to hire a car in the UK is quite confusing, the lowest minimum age we can hire to is 21 years old. As a 21 year old  you must have held your licence for one year prior to hiring with us. There is also a young driver fee in the UK which is quite a large amount compared to other countries, however we have arranged a deal for 23 and 24 year olds so that you can hire a car with no additional daily charges at all in certain locations.

How Old To Hire A Car In Spain?
As long as you hold a credit card the age in Spain is 18 as long as you have held your licence for a year prior to hiring with us. If you don’t have a credit card however then the age is 21 with yet again a year experience before hiring with us. When you book with us young driver additional fees are usually a lot lower than other countries being just 3-5 Euros per day we even have some places in Spain that have no young driver fees at all.

How Old To Hire A Car In Italy?
In certain locations in Italy the age to hire is 19 with just one year experience however it’s typically aged 21 with one year experience. The additional driver charges aren’t too extensive and are usually capped at a certain amount of days the price is usually in-between the UK and Spain around 15-20 Euros a day.

How Old To Hire A Car In France?
If you are wanting to hire a car in France then you must be 19 or over and have held your licence for a year prior to hiring, this comes with an additional cost of around 5 euros per day which is very good. There are also other deals available for young drivers like free additional driver which is not usually available.

How Old To Hire A Car In USA?
The age in the USA is a flat age of 21 years old with having held your licence for a year, this is the absolute lowest age you can be to hire a car in the US, the additional daily charge is around 20 USD per day which varies depending on date and supplier but we will always try to get you the best deal.

If your country is not listed or If you have any more questions on how old to rent a car in any location then please call us directly or email us so we can tell you the full information you will need to know.

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