Driving Convictions In France

Driving Convictions In France

driving convictions in francePeople make mistakes it happens and we regularly get enquiries for those who have points on their licence and convictions. Usually car rental companies turn a blind eye if you have over 6 points or have had a major convictions such as a DR10 or IN10 in the last 5 years. It’s unfortunate that such a silly mistake can affect your future so much and when it boils down to it hiring a car can be essential to your holiday plans.

We were getting several requests for people with points on their licence in particular in France. Due to this we decided it was essential that we at least tried to do something about this, we weren’t entirely optimistic as we had previous efforts turned down.

We can now happily announce however that a supplier in France allow you to hire a car with driving convictions no matter what they are. Their one restriction is that you aren’t banned when you come to pick up the vehicle and you can produce a licence. This truly is a breakthrough and its down to the fact that in France this company aren’t required to check your counterpart licence.

No matter if you have 12 points, 9 points or 6 point given that you still have your licence this isn’t an issue.

Some of the common conviction codes we get asked about for French car hire with points are:

IN10Likely the most popular conviction the IN10 is a code for using a vehicle that is uninsured.
DR10Also another common one we get from people asking on the phones, the DR10 is a code for a Drink Driving conviction.
CD10This means careless driving pretty much, officially driving without due care and attention.
TT99The TT99 is tallying up 12 points in three years which leads to a driving disqualification, however as long as you have a licence that's valid this shouldn't be an issue.
SP30Your standard speeding code, it usually carriers approximately 3 points total.
CU80 The use of a mobile phone whilst driving a motor vehicle.
DD10This signifies you have had points for dangerous driving.
BA10This is driving whilst disqualified by court order.
MS90Failure to give information about the driver when you are pulled over by the police.
TS10Failing to comply with traffic light signals.

All of which are perfectly fine but to reiterate you must still have your licence at the time you want to pick up the vehicle.

Are you interested in hiring a car but have a conviction on your licence? Give us a call and we will see what we can arrange for you on +44 (0)113 880 0748.

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