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Car Hire Aarhus Airport

About Aarhus Airport

Located in Denmark, Aarhus Airport is an airport located just 22 miles outside of Tirstrup. There is a yearly passenger amount of 591,355 passengers per year as reported back in 2011, there are only a handful of locations that fly to and from the airport including Manchester, Oslo, Brommo, Stansted and Copenhagen. Built back in 1943 the airport was built and since then it has constantly been increasing in size, it is now one of the main airports within Denmark.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire In Aarhus Airport?

We have managed to arrange many deals and offers for locations all over the world, Aarhus airport included. The main reason you should choose us though is that we can supply you with the best priced car hire available, we do this by comparing all the prices available on the dates of hire finding the lowest and then further applying our discounts to it. As well as doing this we will also watch your booking from when you book right up until when you pick up your car, this means if the price drops any lower between them times then we can save even more.

In the past we have managed to arrange several offers which we have always aimed at increasing the availability of car hire to a wider audience of people. Some of the best deals we have managed to arrange are…

Young Driver Car Hire

Are you under the age of 25? Hiring a car with us will now allow you to hire a car if you are a young driver. The deal we have managed to arrange will allow 21 year olds to hire a car given that you have held your licence for a year prior to hiring with us.

Free Additional Driver

When hiring a car you may expect to be the only driver for the duration, however the deal we have managed to arrange means that this isn’t always the case. We can now allow given that someone in the car with you at the time of rental is also eligible to hire to add them on as an additional driver completely free of cost. If you want more information on adding a free additional driver then please ring or email us directly.

Debit Card Car Hire

Car hire without a credit card doesn’t have to be hard to arrange, we have a deal with a worldwide supplier which means you can hire using a debit card given that it meets the restrictions that are in place. There are three main restrictions when you hire with a debit card at Aarhus airport.

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