High tech options to aid more mature drivers

As drivers grow to be more mature, many of them can lose faith in their driving ability. There are many preconceptions with older drivers with regards to poor eyesight or concentration levels can get more lax. However at Indigo we provide vehicles for many over 75’s and they hire vehicles on a regular basis with no issues whatsoever.

It is unfair that, just because there are a few drivers who have difficulty when it comes to motoring, people get tarnished with the same brush. Well there is now research being conducted at Newcastle University, as part of the £12 Million project “Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy” (SIDE), into new forms of technology to assist the older generation to drive more safely and effectively and remove all stereotypes surrounding the more senior motorists.

Researchers at Newcastle University have converted an electric car into a mobile laboratory. Named the “DriveLab” it has navigational tools, night vision systems and intelligent speed adaptations. It is able to monitor concentration, stress levels and driving habits. It can do all of this through a pair of glasses that the driver wears and tracks eye movements and can assess where the key stress points or older drivers are.

Phil Blythe, Professor of intelligent transport systems at Newcastle University, has said,

“For many older people, particularly those living alone or in rural areas, driving is essential for maintaining their independence, giving them the freedom to get out and about without having to rely on others.” 

This is very true which is why Indigo offers car hire for drivers up to the age of 99 years old. When it comes to driving, everyone is responsible, at whatever age, for making sure they are safe on the road. The emphasis should be on supporting older people to continue driving safely so that older people retain their ability to get out and about.