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Top 5 City Breaks In The USA

For a collection of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world, you dont have to look any further than the United States. Whether you are an avid lover of the arts, a shopaholic, historian sight seer, or gastronomy expert, our Top 5 City…

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Convertible Car Hire

TOP DOWN, SUN ON YOUR FACE, WIND THROUGH YOUR HAIR-SOUNDS GOOD? -WHY NOT RENT A CONVERTIBLE? There are not many better feelings than those driving a convertible can give you- weather permitting of course!! Although the weather in the UK is not often condusive to…

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The Ford Mustang Convertible

We can always tell when its approaching summer time and universities breaking up because we get an influx of one particular type of enquiry. The title of this blog may have given the game away.. So far this week we have had a handful of…

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Young Drivers From Norway

We were recently contacted by two young drivers from Norway who were aged 22 years old and were wanting to rent a car within the USA, San Francisco to be exact. They each had held their licence for approximately four years and where wondering whether…

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Cross Border Travel: USA To Mexico

Cross Border Travel: USA To Mexico is quite a confusing subject for car hire companies in general. Cross border travel within the US is fine but it gets complicated when you want to go to Mexico. We got a question on our live chat recently…

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