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Airport Car Parking – Why Pay More???

A Which? Survey today found that many people are getting stung for parking their vehicles at the airport car parks; some providers of this service are charging ridiculous amounts of money for leaving your vehicle at the airport. Please read on for some helpful advice…

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UK Airport car hire – Rent with confidence!

There have been many discussions based on the demand for both on and off airport car hire. Whilst suppliers based in the terminal offer greater convenience there are arguments also in favour of off airport car hire and the service they can offer. This is…

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Changes of Road Regulations in France

New regulations are to take effect from July 1st 2012 that will mean all drivers on French roads are legally required to have a breathalyzer kit in the vehicle they are driving. This including visitors to the country!! The current road safety law stipulate a…

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Fuel tanker strike threatens fuel shortage over Easter!

Ever since the fuel tanker drivers mentioned that they are going on strike, motorists have been panic buying fuel. This comes after Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude advised that “saving some extra fuel in a jerry can would be a sensible precaution.” Unite Members belonging to…

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Seinfeld Car Rental Reservation

Most of us who regularly hire cars, particularly at airport locations, will have at one time or another, arrived at the rental desk only to be told that despite having made a reservation, either the details cannot be found or that there are no cars…

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