GIANT Hailstones Are Coming

We are not usually ones to sensationalise the weather but with the prediction of Giant Hailstones we thought it may be worth looking into what would happen if they did come. We have already seen reports of the WORST WINTER EVER RECORDED and HOTTEST SUMMER ON RECORD, none of which actually happened so we take everything we see in the weather reports with a pinch of salt.

If the hailstones do materialise then they could cause untold damage to property and vehicles and if you are currently driving a hire car, are you covered?

Well, in most instances, no you are not. The majority of insurance policies you will have seen include the words ‘Force Majure’ or ‘Act of God’ meaning the provider is exempt from liability if such an occurence happens.

The picture shows a car windscreen that has apparently being hit by Giant Hailstones in China, if this was to happen to your car then you would be liable for the repiar bill, so if you are one of those that may believe the news then we would advise you to park the vehicle in your garage or find an underground car park.

Most suppliers do not include tyres and glass in their additional insurance products, so even if you have reduced your excess or purchased additional cover then you may still not be covered, again we do not believe everything we read but we are using this as a reminder that you should always be aware of what you are covered for when hiring a vehicle and that a hire vehicle should be treated like your own, so always park in a safe and secure place, drive with care, don’t leave valuables on display and be aware of any dangers around you, such as GIANT HAILSTONES…