Minimum Driving Age To Change?

Minimum Driving Age To Change?The BBC has reported with new information that the government are considering making the minimum age to hold a full proper licence 19, the information was uncovered after a report was released from the Transport Research Laboratory. If this is implemented it could be the building blocks for a whole new set of rules. The idea behind this is that drivers can still learn from the age of 17 and take their test when they turn 18, and after passing they would be on probation “p” plates for 12 months allowing motorists to get as much experience possible before they are properly on the road with a full licence. When having “p” plates on the car the driver won’t be allowed to have passengers under thirty or to drive without supervision between 10pm and 5am, on top of this they will also face a lower drink driving limit that other motorists, restrictions at night and be disallowed using hands free phones.

The reason the government is taking these proposals so seriously is due to the accident rate for younger drivers and those who are inexperienced as it displays a figure for thought, there is a very alarming number of incidents for this category of drivers. Young and inexperienced drivers under the age of 24 accounted for nearly twenty five percent of all accidents that led to death or serious injury within the last year. This is shocking because its also been revealed that young drivers only account for 5% of the total mileage covered in the UK per year yet they are involved in 20% of all serious accidents, the system that they propose to introduce is similar to that in Canada and the United States.

The people in support of the new system believe it can cut the number of people killed or injured by around 4,500 per year. In Washington, America a night time curfew has cut accidents for young drivers by fifty nine percent, there are however always critics and who see this report as a negative as it could be interpreted as a recommendation to take all novice drivers off the road through various restrictions and regulations not giving them enough time or chance to develop. Another critic is also that it could make it harder for younger people to find work as commuting can be an issue.