Car Hire With No Deposit

Car Hire With No DepositWe can now happily announce that we offer at several locations car hire with a zero deposit! This is available in several UK locations that you can find on our no deposit car hire page. We also have this offer at several locations in Spain as well but you must call us to find out. Deposits can often cause a huge inconvenience to people who are planning to hire a car as they don’t realise how much actually has to be frozen on your account in order for you to be able to hire.

Many don’t account for the massive amount that is to be frozen on your account so it can effect your holiday as the money you thought you could spend could end up frozen, the amount frozen can range from £100-2000, but not with Indigo. We can bring this all the way down to zero! However if you want a zero deposit then you must also take our zero excess policy which is a great offer as well. The zero excess is capped at 15 days which means you only have to pay the first 15 days after which it doesnt cost anything but you are still covered by the zero excess. If you happen to damage the car during a zero excess policy then you are no liable for the damage and are completely covered, this excess will cost a daily fee of £12 which is on top of the cost of the rental.

In order to get this deal with no deposit you must call our team directly as this cannot be arranged when you book online. Call our dedicated and friendly team today to arrange your car hire with no deposit on +44 (0)113 880 0748. Please make sure that you call us to avoid any mistakes that may happen leaving you having to pay a deposit that you didn’t expect.