Leasing A Car Without A Credit Check

Leasing A Car Without A Credit CheckCredit is often a worry for a lot of people, many people have a low credit score and due to this aren’t trusted by the banks to do anything that involves borrowing money. Leasing a car often involves having a credit check performed, if your credit history is adverse you may not be allowed to lease a car, simple. However the good news is that we can now help someone looking at Leasing A Car Without A Credit Check, so no matter your past you can lease a car if you need.

Leasing companies rely on the information provided by the banks and credit scoring companies to make a decision on whether their customers can actually afford to make the payment for the car that they want. If you don’t check out against their ideal credit score they will reject you and you can be left without a car if you can’t afford to buy one straight up.

A lot of people need to lease cars as they can’t afford the expense of buying one or are looking for a company car for a new business with no credit history. We offer leasing from 1 month up to 36 months with brand new makes and models, free delivery and collection, breakdown cover and no early termination fees and other offers.

However most importantly no credit checks are carried out, giving you the freedom to lease with us no matter what your credit history is like which you often wouldn’t get from other companies. However you MUST CALL OR EMAIL to reserve and we will make sure we book your lease car in selected locations that don’t require a credit check, as we have selected suppliers it’s important that you get the suppliers that offer this option.

If your looking to lease a car without a credit check then contact Indigo Car Hire, the experts.