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Top 5 Things To Do In Switzerland

Switzerland is found in western and central Europe, it borders several countries including France, Italy & Germany. When most people think of Switzerland they think of skiing in the Swiss Alps. On top of skiing the country has so much more to offer, here is…

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Young Driver Hire In Switzerland With No Extra Cost

That’s right, we’ve managed to team up with one of our suppliers in Switzerland to arrange something extremely rare in the car rental industry – car hire for young drivers with no extra fees or surcharges! You don’t even have to have held a licence…

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4×4’s & Winter Tyres: Which do I need?

Hiring a car in the winter period can be quite an arduous task, with conflicting information all over the internet on what is mandatory when and where. Hopefully the below will help clear this up and simplify it for you. Winter Tyres: Winter Tyres are…

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Top 10 Hazards While Driving In Winter

Almost a quarter of all car accidents can be attributed in some measure to the weather, and winter driving can be particularly treacherous. Here are the top 10 winter driving hazards, and what you can do to stay safe. 1. Black Ice This is the…

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Winters Around The Corner, Drive Carefully

The cold weather wave which is due to hit Britain this week reminds me winter is just around the corner. You’re probably used to it by now, the constant “drive safe” warnings you get over the winter period but it’s important to raise awareness and…

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