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Archive for Travelling Diary

Iceland Ultimate Road Adventure – F Roads Guide

It’s that time of the year again when everybody make its final plans for the summer holiday. While some of you prefer going to the sea side or ocean and catch a nice tan, some others will hit the road in search of the ultimate…

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Things to do in Turkey

If you are looking for turquoise waters, spectacular mountain trails, well preserved UNESCO World Heritage sites and a unique culture, than you should check our list with Things to do in Turkey. Turkey, the well-known “bridge between East and West” is a fascinating country that…

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A Weekend With Eminem – Travelling Diary

In April Number One Son announces that he would like to go to the Eminem concert in Wembley in July. He declares he is determined to go and if he can´t find anyone to go with he will go on his own, The good thing…

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