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Choosing The Right Size Hire Car

What Size Hire Car Do You Need? – Choosing The Right Size Hire Car When Choosing The Right Size Hire Car we need, at the time of booking the main thing we usually consider is the price for obvious reasons. But sometimes booking the cheapest…

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Gadgets Take Over Holidays

Most people go on holiday to enjoy themselves, relax, kick your feet up and maybe catch some sun if you’re not holidaying in the UK of course. Like many others I often find bringing some of my tech gadgets on holiday with me, whether it’s…

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Things To Do When Visiting Leeds

With all of the lovely weather we have been having, we in the office have been asking each other for ideas on where to go on an evening or at the weekend on a budget. So here are the best Things To Do When Visiting…

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Central European Time, A Safer Time?

There are hundreds of car accidents on British roads yearly and new government estimation is that moving to CEST time would save several lives each year and prevents hundreds of accidents. So the changing of time saves lives, let’s do it straight away! Unfortunately it’s…

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Reduced Car Parking Charges In Northern Ireland

Lower car parking charges are to be introduced into 25 locations in Northern Ireland for a trial period of up to 6 months. In total, 93 car parks operated by Roads Service are to charge £1 for five hours parking. Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy…

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