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Knaresborough’s mystery legends and folklore

After visiting Harrogate last weekend, we had to continue the West Yorkshire adventure and the next stop was the nearby Town of Knaresborough. We were told about this amazing town, but no words would do justice to its beautiful landscapes. Again, the car was provided…

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Harrogate the home of flowers and beauty

Last weekend I got together with my friends and we had the idea to travel to a place we never been before in West Yorkshire. So we start researching the web for local attractions and we found out that nearby there is a small town…

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Brussels the European Mecca of chocolate, art and design

For those who want to discover Brussels, they should know that they have many choices: on foot, by bicycle, by car or even by boat. Brussels, the result of a mild blend of 27 different cultures is the most important city at European level, being…

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Cyprus an all inclusive holiday destination – Travelling Diary

Strong essences are kept in small bottles. This is Cyprus: a small island in the Mediterranean Sea that has something unique to offer for each of us! Sea lovers, mountain lovers, good food lovers, history and mythology lovers, hikers and bikers you’ll all find a…

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Ryanairs New Route To Tenerife From Cardiff

Ryanair has announced a new Cardiff to Tenerife route, with takeoff set for October 30th 2014. It is hoped the route will deliver over 15,000 customers per annum at Cardiff Airport, with a weekly service. Ryanair deputy director of route development, Kate Sherry said: “Ryanair…

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