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Sun Holidays in October

If you haven’t had the best summer weather, or are just yearning to extend those precious weeks of warmth into the Fall, we’ve got some great suggestions for where you can go to chase the sun this October. 1. The Amalfi Coast (Italy) The average…

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Top 10 Winter Driving Hazards

Almost a quarter of all car accidents can be attributed in some measure to the weather, and winter driving can be particularly treacherous. Here are the top 10 winter driving hazards, and what you can do to stay safe. 1. Black Ice This is the…

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Holiday in September

We know that for most people in the northern hemisphere, September means tucking away the suitcases for another year as school and work beckon you back to daily routines. If you can possibly manage it though, autumn is the best time of the year to…

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Autumn Travel – Why You Should Visit USA This Fall

Autumn or fall is a pleasant season in most states of the USA. The weather is cooler and the leaves of the trees along the avenues and the hardwood forests change colours. The days are warm and sunny and the nights become cooler. It is…

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Eight Tips for Safe Driving During the Summer Holiday

Taking a road trip is one of the most enjoyable ways of going on a summer holiday. If you plan to drive, safety comes first. To come in your help, our experts put together: Eight Tips for Safe Driving During the Summer Holiday. This will…

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