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UK Sees Traffic Volume Increase

Throughout the country the department of transport figures have suggested that the volume of traffic has increased. As an example figure in the second quarter of 2013 the total mileage that was covered by motorists rose by a large 2.9% which totals a figure of…

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Lack Of Oil Change Knowledge

How often do you change your oil? Many people are unaware of how often you must change your cars oil with two thirds of motorists in the UK admitting that they don’t know. A cars oil needs to be changed once a year at a…

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North Takes Car Crime Mantle

Its long been the impression that the worst place for car crime is Liverpool, however this has been proved wrong quite recently. The long running jokes about Liverpudlian’s and car crime may soon be wrong, car crime is a problem all over the world and…

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BMW i3 2p Per Mile

BMW have released the new i3 model in their normal way, inviting celebrities of course. Used to promote the £25,000 electric car was Sienna Miller and actor James Franco who turned up at Billingsgate to promote the new vehicle. BMW are branding this model as…

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Planet Saving Tyres

A scheme relating to tyres will give motorists the peace of mind that they are helping the planet. Forty million wasted car and van tyres are brought about each and every year with until now no real solution to get rid of them other than…

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