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New Pothole App

If you live in England you will know that potholes are a serious issue, they damage your vehicle if you are a driver, are dangerous for cyclists and potentially even life threatening for motorcyclists. There have been many petitions and pleas for councils especially of…

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Standard Road Signs Destined For UK?

There is consideration over a proposal that the UK should adopt the European road signs although some of our road signs are a bit strange, that’s not the reason for the change. The reason for the change is that new cars will feature a camera…

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How to Help Your Child Prepare For Their Driving Test

Though there are many stressful aspects of parenting teenagers, one of the most stressful issues is preparing your teenager for his or her first driving test. Studying for the written test can be incredibly stressful for a teen, especially since the material is incredibly dry,…

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Mobile Phone And Sat Nav Betrayal

Your mobile phones and sat nav’s may be telling tales on you to the highway agency or so the telegraph reports. It’s not in the way you may think however, it’s not tracking your speed or careless driving its more tracking your movements. A sat-nav…

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Are Expats And Travellers Ambassadors For Peace Between Nations?

International Peace Day takes place later this month on September 21st, with numerous events scheduled to promote peace all across the globe. Learning of this event for the first time got me thinking about peace and international relations in regards to the expat and travelling…

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