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Contactless Car Hire In The UK

One of our existing national suppliers have launched a new service offering Contactless Car Hire In The UK. The idea which has been born out of recent events is based on the way a car club works. With more UK branches opening soon, Contactless Car…

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Luxury Car Hire for under 30’s

Can I hire a luxury / premium car aged 25 or under? It can often be very difficult when trying to hire a premium or luxury vehicle if you are under 30, whether for a special occasion such as a wedding, or simply as a…

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People Carrier Hire in London

People Carrier Hire has always been a popular service not just specifically in London itself, but broadly throughout the UK. Here we talk about specific locations in London and the fleet of vehicles on offer. We also talk about the offers attached to our services….

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Car Hire Germany for new drivers

Renting a car when you have held your licence for less than 12 months can be a challenge. This niche service is something we have been providing for the past few years in the UK to good effect. Therefore we have expanded this service to…

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Car Hire with Low Excess

Car Hire prices on the face of it easy enough to understand a price is quoted and that is the price paid. However it is sometimes worth delving a little further to understand what it is that you are getting into. Understanding terms and conditions…

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