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Insurance Companies Forced Into Gender Equality

Women are being urged to check their insurance policies before the new ruling comes into force next month which will ban firms quoting prices based on gender. Insurance companies have been very forceful in trying to prevent this change for the past few years however…

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Have You Considered How Reliable Your Tyres Are?

Have you ever really thought about how safe your tyres are? Generally when people purchase tyres the two main factors which are taken into consideration are price and brand. With over 150 different companies that currently offer tyres for our vehicles it can often be…

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Fuel Tax to Rise in Autumn!!!

George Osbourne announced plans to increase the fuel duty last year and stated that this would be enforced on 1 January 2012, this was later deferred to 1 August 2012. The Chancellors announcement means this still stands, meaning fuel duty will increase by 3.02 pence…

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Changes of Road Regulations in France

New regulations are to take effect from July 1st 2012 that will mean all drivers on French roads are legally required to have a breathalyzer kit in the vehicle they are driving. This including visitors to the country!! The current road safety law stipulate a…

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