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Buckle Up With Inflatable Seatbelts

Ford has designed a new seatbelt with a completely innovative idea. The Inflatable Seatbelt! It’s much like an airbag in the way that when a collision happens an inflatable bag expands preventing you from breaking bones by softening your impact preventing injuries which could cause…

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MOT Test Information

The MOT test is designed to make sure your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards and environmental standards, this test is mostly carried out to ensure your safety and if your vehicle will be reliable. Your car needs its first MOT after 3 years of…

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Motorists Without Seatbelts

Are you aware that a staggering 11% of people are guilty of not wearing their seatbelt whilst in a car? You may not think that this is a high amount and just pass it by, however you know the function of seat belts of course…

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Motorists with bad eyesight can lose license in hours

Now if police are concerned about motorists with bad eyesight they can order an on the spot sight test for the driver. This test, much like in your original driving test, is to read a car registration plate thats 20 meters away. If this test…

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MyKey Feature Could Reduce Insurance Costs For Young Drivers

United States Car Giant Ford is set to bring its’ new My Key Technology to the UK, much to the relief of many young drivers and their parents alike. The target market is aimed at those who have the tag of boy and girl racers….

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