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Lane Hoggers Face Fines

Careless drivers could face an on the spot fine of £100 Stephen Hammond road safety minister revealed yesterday. This will give the police more flexibility when it comes to dealing with minor careless driving offences like middle lane hogging or tailgating which previously had to…

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Outdated Licence Offenders Wrongly Convicted

After the recent discovery that two people involved in a minor road accident where the police were called only to realise that the people involved in the crash had outdated licences. These two cases where eventually dropped as it was found that they were incorrectly…

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Changes For Young Drivers

Many are aware of the rising prices of young drivers insurance as youths are seen as the least reliable on the road and its claimed that one in five accidents are involving a person between the ages of 17 – 24. This is the reason…

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Seat Belt Fines Are Falling

Some great news about seat belts in West Yorkshire, the number of people issued fines for not buckling up whilst in a car has fallen by about one third which is a considerable amount. Despite the thousands still refusing to buckle up there is a…

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Increasing Lorry Speed Limit

The current national speed limit for lorries is 40 mph, but recently there has been questions raised about the danger of cars being able to go 20 mph faster on single carriageways. The danger of this is often that drivers want to overtake lorries which…

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