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Driving Without An MOT?

Driving without an MOT puts you in risk of a fine of up to £1000 as well as it invalidating your insurance, dangerous stuff. So why has the Society of Motor Manufacturers and traders revealed that a third of motorists have driven a car knowing…

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Dangers Of Driving A Car Abroad

In the next three months it’s predicted that 33% increase of Brits plan on taking their car abroad according to new research. This can pose certain dangers to drivers with many unintentionally breaking the rules of the road in the country they are driving within….

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Parking Fines Could Rise By Almost Double

Motorists outside of London currently pay approximately £70 at a maximum for a parking fine which is under an intense review. In London the price of a parking ticket is as much as £130 since Boris Johnston and Ken Livingstone increased the cap, this review…

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Speed Limit Increase U-Turn

We reported a few weeks back about the Government being pretty set to change the speed limit from the traditional 70mph and hiking it to 80mph, there seemed to be very little opposition to the change. Now however this has taken an apparent U-Turn with…

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Motorway Speed Limit To Be Raised?

The road safety minister has been quoted saying that raising the limit to 80mph on motorways is still firmly on the government’s current agenda. There is set to be three trails of the change in raising the speed limit in certain areas across the country,…

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