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Do You Carry An Outdated Licence?

Your licence is very important to keep updated, outdated licences can land you in a lot of trouble with the law. It’s revealed however that over two million motorists in the UK are believed to have out of date driving licences and are still regularly…

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Lower Payouts For Crash Victims

Information has been revealed from that motorists who have old or damaged cars may not receive an extremely low amount of money from their insurers pay out. This comes because of a new set of guidelines which basically which emphasises that an insurer might…

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Insurance Premiums Drop

The largest decrease in insurance premiums since 1994, figures released by AA have highlighted this massive drop. Comprehensive car insurance has been dropped by 9.8% from on average £594.86 to £659.53, a welcomed drop for what seemed to be an endless increase of insurance premiums….

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Call For Minimum Driving Age Raise

Should the minimum driving age be raised? Currently in the UK the minimum driving age is 17, you can pass your test and legally drive by this age. Many experienced drivers feel that this is too young to be let loose on the British roads…

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Child Seat Laws Unclear For Parents

Laws around child seats have often been a bit hazy and it’s been revealed that around three quarters of parents do not know the correct laws when it comes to child seats in cars according to a survey. This can be a danger as there…

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