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What happens if you get a parking ticket in a rental car?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is What happens if you get a parking ticket in a rental car? It’s a relatively common issue, usually accidental, but thankfully the process is a lot more straightforward than it sounds. What’s the process?…

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Noise Cameras – What Are They & How Will They Work?

Noise Cameras could fine drivers for having loud exhausts Cars with loud exhausts, we have all heard it before whether it is in the middle of the day or the middle of the night. I’m sure most people can agree that it is a nuisance,…

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10 Driving Laws You Might Not Know You Are Breaking

Have you ever broken the law while driving? Maybe one or two of you have been fined for speeding or parking somewhere you shouldn’t have. If you haven’t and you believe you have never broken any laws while driving think again! Here are 10 UK…

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Driving Licence In Your Maiden Name?

As you can imagaine identification is needed to prove that you have a full licence and for various other details such as your age when you come to renting a car, another thing that is checked is that the name on the identification matches the…

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Renewing Your Licence At 75

We had a customer ask us recently if they were able to hire a car after renewing your licence at 75. The potential customer was 78 years of age and had just passed a test which meant that they could renew their licence for five…

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