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South Africa Car Hire For Younger Drivers

We had a recent enquiry from one of our potential customers about whether they can hire a car in South Africa, the problem was that they were a young driver aged 19 and ideally wanted a low young driver fee. We contacted a few companies…

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Great Deals At Milas Bodrum Airport

In Turkey one of the main international airports is Milas Bodrum Airport, like the name suggests it serves the airport serves the two Turkish towns of Milas which is 16 km away and Bodrum which is 36 km. The airport flies to destinations all over…

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New Location & New Deals At Sangster Airport

Located just 3 miles to the east of Montego Bay, Jamaica is Sangster International airport, one of the largest airports in the Caribbean. Although it currently only gets around 3.3 million passengers a year, it has capacity to reach 9 million passengers a year. The…

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Car Hire In Budapest For Young Drivers

We have just got off the phone with a supplier in Budapest, and have some great offers for our customers. Budapest? I hear you say.. Yes, Budapest is one of the largest cities in Europe and a huge favourite for tourists from all over the…

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Krakow Airport Car Hire Without A Credit Card

John Paul II International Airport Krakow Balice or more commonly known as Krakow airport is a main international airport that is located within the village of Balice just on the southern part of Poland. The airport gets around 3.7 million passengers a year that pass…

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