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Thessaloniki Airport Car Hire No Credit Card

We have some great news for people looking to hire a car in Greece, we now have 2 suppliers willing to accept a debit card as payment for the hire car from our customers. They are 2 of the big names in worldwide car rental…

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Young Driver Car Hire Copenhagen

If you have been searching for car hire in Denmark and specifically within the Copenhagen area then you would have begin to realise that there aren’t too many car hire companies located there and those that are tend to be located within the airport. There…

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Visa Electron Cards Accepted At Alicante Airport

Limited but not impossible, Visa Electron cards being accepted for renting a car has been a tricky thing to organise in the past but for some time now we have been able to accept electron cards however many people are unaware of this. In the…

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Low Deposit Minibus Hire Cowdenbeath

Deposits on MPV and minibus hire tend to be quite high no matter which supplier you go to, as you may know we have arranged several deals across the world in order to try and reduce this cost, one of the locations we have recently…

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No Young Driver Surcharges In The USA

Young drivers struggle in general to hire a car anywhere in the world this is down to a few factors, most of which being the cost of the rental. Young driver car hire comes with an added daily cost which is put on top of…

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