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Gap between Leasing? Indigo can help!

No one wants to be left without a car especially if they heavily rely on it to get them to and from work on a daily basis. Many people instead of buying a car opt to lease on instead as it can often be more…

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Car Hire Murcia Airport without a credit card

In the sunny country of Spain there is an airport called Murcia airport which is one of the busiest airports for flights in and out of the UK. Flights arriving from places such as Gatwick, Stansted and Bristol amongst several other UK locations and the…

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Car Hire with a Maestro Card

Majority of all companies across the world only accept the use of credit cards as it’s seen as the easiest way to reliably hire out their fleet. This however can cause people several issues as they are stuck in a steady demise unable to hire…

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Debit card car hire Sanford

Sanford airport located in Sanford, Florida right next to the world famous city of Orlando. It’s a popular destination for holiday makers to flock too from all around the world, being also a busy destination within the US for flights all across the country, making…

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Debit Card Car Hire Scotland

Scotland is a regular place for car hire with some of the popular places being of course Inverness, Glasgow and Edinburgh. We offer car hire without a credit card at all these locations, whether you’re going for a nice quiet day golfing or in the…

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