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Are Car Rental Deposits Refundable?

Are Car Rental Deposits Refundable? The short answer is yes, car rental deposits are refundable. With that been said depending on the car hire supplier you book with, the length of time it takes for your deposit to be returned can differ. This is because…

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Smoking In A Hire Car, What You Need To Know

I have recently read a post on a very popular money savings website that claims Smoking In A Hire Car is illegal. Smoking in any car is only illegal when there are children in the car whether the car is a hire car, lease car,…

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Can I bring a hired car with a towbar abroad?

Cross Border Car Hire With A Tow Bar Hiring a car with a tow bar is a very unique offer that can be very useful for many reasons. You might need a car to tow a trailer or caravan and this offer can help you…

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Do you research car hire suppliers prior to booking with them?

Another question we asked our customers in a recent survey was Do you research car hire suppliers prior to booking with them? From those who completed the survey, a huge 79% of you said NO, you do not do any research on a supplier before…

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Why cost should not be your #1 consideration when hiring a car

When hiring a car there are a lot of factors to consider before making a booking, I am going to explain why the headline cost is not always the most important thing. Yes, it seems a little silly but there are other things you should…

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