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Battle For Car Of The Year

Who can win this year’s eagerly anticipated car of the year award? Seven contenders are battling it out in the ring to win this year’s European Car Of the Year award looking to become the most outstanding car to help increase their sales as an…

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All New Audi Q1

Audi AG have confirmed that there will be a new Audi SUV model due in 2016 called the Audi Q1, the German based company are hoping that it will follow its Q family relatives in their success with the Q5 model producing approximately 230,000 cars…

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“Plays The Road” Smartphone App

Volkswagen have brought their car manufacture expertise into the world of smartphones and produced a brand new app called “Play The Road” which was actually intended just as an experiment and never meant to be release due to health and safety issues, so what is…

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Top 5 Winter Sun Holiday Destinations

People tend in winter to head off skiing, or to somewhere cold just to get in the mood. There’s a few of us however that enjoy escaping the cold weather and going somewhere warm for the winter, so where are the best places to escape…

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Getting Used to the Difference

There can be many wonderful cultural peculiarities when you visit a new country for the first time, most of which you probably wouldn’t have thought about before you arrived. Many of these things are associated with seemingly bizarre eating and drinking habits, all of which…

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