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Top 10 Funny Things Left In An Airport

I would personally forget my head if it wasnt attached, but fancy leaving some of these things lying around. Heres the top 10 funny things found left in airports around the world. #10 Suit of Armour A 19th century armoured suite was found left, The…

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How to survive a long car journey with kids

Lets face it, kids can often be hard work especially when going on a long car journey. The familiar phrase “Are we there yet?” can often get irritating when its repeated by children what feels like a million times. Children’s attention span is not the…

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Locations For A Perfect Picnic

With the great weather we had at the weekend I took a trip to Golden Acre park in Leeds for a picnic with the kids. I have never seen so many people in my life, everyone had had the same idea and we couldnt even…

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Top 5 Estate Cars

Estate cars are particularly popular in the car hire industry, there are obvious reasons for this as many of the people that tend to hire cars do so after flying meaning they may be carrying a considerable amount of luggage, making estate cars the smart…

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10 Year Old Boy Claims Hes An Adult Dwarf

After thieving his parent’s car and driving it into a ditch a 10 year old Norwegian boy told the police he was a dwarf who had misplaced his driving licence. Some young children are story tellers, but this has to top them all. The boy…

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