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Debit Card Car Hire! Indigo Save The Day Again..

We received a call from a lady in Yorkshire yesterday, she sounded desperate and it became apparent that we were her last hope. She had been calling everywhere and then came across Indigo. After a relative had become ill, she needed to get to France…

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Living costs for UK expats in Europe are increasing

We at Indigo Car Hire speak to a lot of expats wishing to hire a car in the UK and Ireland when visiting family, they regularly update us on the situation in their respective countries and are really not happy with the situation. We have…

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Having Trouble Booking Car Hire With A Debit Card?

If you struggle to book car hire with a debit card, Indigo Car Hire, have a solution for you. We constantly look at areas in which our customers struggle to hire a vehicle and where possible implement changes to meet demand and expand our services…

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Changes of Road Regulations in France

New regulations are to take effect from July 1st 2012 that will mean all drivers on French roads are legally required to have a breathalyzer kit in the vehicle they are driving. This including visitors to the country!! The current road safety law stipulate a…

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Introducing Cherie Walker, Reservations Manager

I have been working with Indigo since the day it opened for business I like to think that I have contributed a great deal to the growth of the business. I have worked in the car hire industry for over 8 years now and I…

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