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Best Hire Car For A Group Trip

What is the Best Hire Car For A Group Trip? With so many different trips the chances are that you will need to hire a car at some point in time, there’s certain things you need to get right when hiring a car such as…

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New Drivers & Young Drivers

We recently had someone on our live chat function ask whether they could hire a car at 21 years of age. We can hire to people who are 21 or older in most locations around the world; this usually involves a young driver additional fee…

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The Out Of Hours DVLA Check

When you hire a car in the UK and live within the country yourself then you are required to bring your counterpart in order to be given the vehicle. As you may imagine, several people have lost or misplaced their counterpart and the solution is…

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How to survive a long car journey with kids

Lets face it, kids can often be hard work especially when going on a long car journey. The familiar phrase “Are we there yet?” can often get irritating when its repeated by children what feels like a million times. Children’s attention span is not the…

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Travel Insurance, Have You Checked The Small Print?

Many of us associate the small or fine print in any agreement as the bad stuff, the information they don’t want us to read. Although they insist that we tick a box to confirm that we have read it. With travel insurance, this isn’t always…

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