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Is A Passport Really Necessary

Is A Passport Really Necessary? Car hire requirements can be quite a tricky subject and a bit of a minefield to work your way around and the slightest of mistakes can leave you stranded without a car. In the United Kingdom they are especially strict…

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Debit Card Car Hire In Morocco

When you decide upon hiring a car then there are a few things that you need to think about like restrictions involved with rental. In Morocco you are often required by most of the car hire companies to use a credit card when making the…

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Driving Licence In Your Maiden Name?

As you can imagine identification is needed to prove that you have a full licence and for various other details such as your age when you come to renting a car, another thing that is checked is that the name on the identification matches the…

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Mileage Restrictions

When it comes to hiring a car there are several different terms and conditions, one section which you will come across is about mileage restrictions. Different car rental suppliers have different conditions for the limit on the amount of miles you can do during your…

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Renewing Your Licence At 75

We had a customer ask us recently if they were able to hire a car after renewing your licence at 75. The potential customer was 78 years of age and had just passed a test which meant that they could renew their licence for five…

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