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Moving Abroad? Have You Updated Your Driving Licence?

Certain things have changed recently when it comes to hiring a car in the UK, specifically for those who have made the decision to emigrate or retire in the sun and still hold a UK driving licence. While I am extremely jealous of you all…

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Looking For A Budget Rental Car?

If you are looking for a budget rental car then there are a few things that you need to consider before booking the cheapest vehicle that you find. Much like other services in the travel industry the advertised cost is not always the whole picture….

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Dont Let The Cost Of Car Hire Ruin Your Holiday

We have read a lot recently about the costs of car hire spiralling out of control and people being left feeling ripped of by some companies. It doesnt have to be like this and you can have more control over the costs by following the…

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Hiring A Premium Vehicle

We had an enquiry this week that had a few of us here in the office scratching our heads. It got me thinking about when the time is right to consider hiring a premium vehicle. The customer started the conversation by telling us about the…

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Travelling Can Be More Expensive Without A Hire Car

With the school holidays coming to a close and the time for family holidays almost over, its that time of year that those of us without children or children that are not yet in school decide to go away. There are many reasons for this…

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