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Recommended Vehicles to Hire this Fall

Autumn can be a very busy time, with the children going back to school and memories of summer receding into the murky past. So many of the cyclical tasks that greet us in September, however, can be made that much easier with a car rental….

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Do You Need Winter Tyres On A 4×4

With the bad weather approaching, we in the office are thinking back to last year and how the snow and ice brought the country to a stand still. As soon as that happened we were inundated with calls from stranded customers wanting to hire a…

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Top 5 best Estate Cars of 2015

Estate cars offer the best of many worlds. They’re based on regular road cars so don’t suffer the extra fuel penalty that crossovers and SUVs do – they’ll also handle better as they have a lower centre of gravity. But, thanks to the sizeable boot,…

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5 Benefits Of Hiring An MPV

When it comes to hiring a car, most customers tend to overlook the type of vehicle they are going to be driving and often make their decision based on the brand of the rental vehicle. This is understandable, even I prefer commuting in a large…

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Abolition Of The Counterpart Licence

On the 8th June 2015 the ‘Abolition Of The Counterpart Licence’ will take place. This means that the paper part of your photo card driving licence will no longer be required and in fact the government are advising they you destroy them. Please note: if…

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