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Tips! Renting A Vehicle With A Ski Rack

Renting A Car With A Ski Rack is easier than ever with Indigo Car Hire. Whether you are a black run veteran or more of a nursery slope goer, if you are hiring a car for your ski holiday then chances are, you will be…

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Car Hire Insurance & Excess Explained

There are many publications jumping on the bandwagon and creating stories about hidden extras and retrospective charges made by car hire suppliers. The car hire industry is not without it’s flaws but this scaremongering is getting a little out of hand. The first topic i…

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My flight is delayed, is there a penalty?

If you are hiring a car from an airport and your flight is delayed, you need to contact your provider as soon as you are aware. There will be a direct contact number on your booking confirmation for the location in question. Call this number…

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Smoking In A Hire Car, What You Need To Know

I have recently read a post on a very popular money savings website that claims Smoking In A Hire Car is illegal. Smoking in any car is only illegal when there are children in the car whether the car is a hire car, lease car,…

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Front Wheel Drive Car Hire In Winter

Continuing on from our posts about hiring a car in winter, we have been asked what’s the next best thing if you don’t have or cannot hire a 4×4. Well if you have a choice between front wheel drive and rear whel drive there is…

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