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Winter Tyres When Driving Abroad

Even when driving a hired car YOU are responsible for having it equipped and controlled correctly in order to meet the guidelines of the location you are within. One of the common fines that you may be surprised to find out about is for not…

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Zero Excess

Do I really need zero excess? People often aren’t sure whether they should go for zero excess or not. I’m not going to give you an answer whether you should or not all I am going to try do is educate your decision, with making…

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Do I Need a Child Seat?

Additional extras when it comes to car hire are often confusing and it can become hard to deter between what you need and what is a must in terms of extras. Often some additional extras can be pricy but needed like GPS or a child…

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Can I hire a car if I have points on my license?

This is another common question asked through the website and phones; can I hire a car if I have points on my license? We do have an FAQ on this subject however I thought I would expand as it’s a very commonly asked question. The…

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Cheap Car Rental, Read the Terms & Conditions!

We have recently had an influx in customers that have been previously been stung by other companies and their hidden policies. Some cheap car rental options really are too good to be true. We work with hundreds of suppliers and are provided with extremely cheap…

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