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What Are Car Hire Additional Extras?

Additional Extras (and when to take them) When hiring a car there will always be additional extras available at the rental desk. Below are the most common extras you can take but some suppliers offer others such as ski racks and snow chains. Every rental…

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Smoking In A Hire Car, What You Need To Know

I have recently read a post on a very popular money savings website that claims Smoking In A Hire Car is illegal. Smoking in any car is only illegal when there are children in the car whether the car is a hire car, lease car,…

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Do Hired Cars Come With Snow Chains?

Do Hired Cars Come With Snow Chains? You may be surprised to find that hire cars do not come with free snow chains, they are an optional extra. it is always up to you, the driver to research your desired destination and check if you…

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10 Driving Laws You Might Not Know You Are Breaking

Have you ever broken the law while driving? Maybe one or two of you have been fined for speeding or parking somewhere you shouldn’t have. If you haven’t and you believe you have never broken any laws while driving think again! Here are 10 UK…

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Debit Card Car Hire In Morocco

We’ve had a debit card option available in Morocco for some time now, however up until now we have only been able to help from Marrakech Airport, which was a huge limiting factor in the number of people we could help. Since making a new…

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